"Fiction is that gentle force which has stopped the growth of evil already for some generations  now, it checks collective nightmares and, at the same time, moulds a new humanity." (JMM)

A South American author
No-one better than Julio Monteiro Martins, a Brazilian author and intellectual, could found and direct a school like this. He was born and has lived in a continent that has made writing the art par excellence, obtaining results that have entered the history of literature worldwide.

Monteiro Martins is, above all, an author who has published about ten novels and short stories but he has always been involved in creative writing, gaining experience as a teacher first of all in the homeland of "creative writing" – the United States – and than as a pioneer in Brazil, Portugal and, finally, Italy. The variety of his experiences is the best guarantee for the completeness and professionalism to the Sagarana school programs, a synthesis of the different methods which Monteiro Martins has learned and applied during his long career as a teacher.

By clicking on Swan eggs, tortoise eggs you can read the intense description that Monteiro makes of his first school of creative writing in Brazil in 1982; you will read more than a reflection on the program, including some aspects which have now become parts of the program of the new Sagarana school.